Everywhere you look, people are building.

The demand is high. The wages are great and you can earn while you learn. There's lots that may surprise you to know about today's construction industry – a $168 billion industry that represents 13% of Canada’s economy. It needs creative, skilled and competitive people in every part of the country. It needs people like you!

Why construction?

  • you can take pride in the work you do and see the results every day
  • you can be part of a vibrant community that continually impacts the Canadian way of life
  • there are many ways to build a long and rewarding career – you can become a supervisor, get into planning or management... even start you own business
  • there are dozens of careers to choose from and four construction sectors – that means limitless opportunities to advance and plenty of chances to travel across Canada and around the world
  • the industry is built on team work – you have the chance to work with Canada’s top construction professionals
  • whether you’re a skilled construction worker or manager, you can earn up to six figures annually

Want to know more about working in construction? Pick from more than 55 careers on this site:

  • Find out what the work is like.
  • Learn where the opportunities will be.
  • Find out where to study and what you have to learn.
  • See how much you can earn.
  • Connect to other sites with more information.

The Construction Sector Council created CareersInConstruction.ca to provide young Canadians and others facing career choices with information that can help them make decisions.

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