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The Construction Sector Council (CSC), a national organization committed to promoting and improving construction careers in Canada, developed The CSC is a partnership between labour and business that is helping to develop a highly skilled workforce for tomorrow’s construction industry.

The construction industry needs skilled people in every sector. Like many industries, it faces human resource challenges, including accurately forecasting labour markets, increasing workers’ province-to-province mobility, making the most of new technologies and coping with an aging workforce. The CSC is addressing these challenges by fostering partnerships in labour, business, education and government.

The following are the CSC’s key priorities:

  • to help the industry manage human resource requirements by providing accurate labour market information
  • to improve workers’ mobility and help meet the demand for highly skilled construction people by pilot testing new training technologies
  • to attract young people to construction careers by creating career awareness programs
  • to help build tomorrow’s skilled construction labour force by developing and improving national occupational standards and skills development programs

Created in 2001, the CSC is financed by government and industry and is governed by a board of directors representing labour and business.

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Construction Sector Council

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