WORKING AS A CONSTRUCTION LABOURER CAN GIVE YOU a taste for a variety of work before choosing a trade-specific apprenticeship to pursue.
Or maybe additional schooling isn’t for you and you’d just like to jump into the job market. Whatever your situation, here are some tips to help you find a job.
“My father always told me when I was a labourer to keep my head up, pay attention and find a trade that I was interested in,” says Tim Chandler. Now he’s a heavy equipment operator with experience on backhoes, trim dozers, bulldozers, excavators, rock trucks, graders and loaders. Check out Tim’s story.


Most construction firms post job openings on their company website, so check the websites of major contractors in your area or desired work location.  A quick search for “construction” on will give you a list of companies in your area.

There are also numerous online job sites where you can search for job openings. Search using terms like “construction labourer” and “construction helper.”

Here are a few sites to get you started:

Word of mouth

Don't be afraid to use your connections. Speak with people who are already employed in the construction industry to find leads on job openings.

Government employment offices

Check your local government employment office. Many offer job-hunting services such as help with preparing your resume. Also ask about programs and services that specialize in trades-related training and employment.

To find an office, do a Google search for the name of your province/territory and “employment office” (e.g., “Manitoba employment office”).

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