BC’s Revelstoke Dam, built in 1984, is comprised of a 175-metre high concrete gravity dam, a 122-metre high earthfill dam, and a powerhouse in the riverbed with five large generating units.

WHO WOULDN'T WANT TO BE INVOLVED IN A MEGAPROJECT? No doubt about it, they are impressive – in their scope, sheer size and person-hours to complete. 

Once completed, BC’s $7.9 billion Site C Clean Energy Project will provide clean, renewable and cost-effective energy for about half a million family homes annually for more than 100 years! If approved, the project will create about 33,000 jobs through all stages of development and construction, and the equivalent of about 10 thousand person-years of direct employment during construction.

See how this amazing project will be constructed. Check out the video below.

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BC Government Approves Site C (with video)


The foundations of Site C Hydroelectric Dam have been completed
The foundation structure on which the Site C Clean Energy Project will be constructed has been completed.