REALITY CHECK: The construction industry is full of smart, dynamic people who have invested many years and many thousands of hours in training and schooling to receive their professional designation.

Having your high school diploma is the best first step as this sets you up with the necessary Essential Skills you need to succeed in the workplace and in your training. To progress to higher-level positions, you’ll need to continue your education, just like in any other profession. And there is ongoing demand for trained professionals with specialized skills, requiring even more training.

The work often involves math, science and physics.

  • Think you can build that world-class high-rise without the use of math?
  • Or operate multi-million-dollar pieces of equipment without computer skills?
  • Or weld without the knowledge of chemistry and metallurgy?

Check out the Essential Skills section to see if you’ve got what it takes.

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“The skill you acquire over the years is unbelievable. I like math, and use a lot of math every day.”
Kelly-Sun Maisonneuve-Renaud, apprentice Plumber