LOOKING FOR A GREAT CAREER? The construction industry may have just what you want. And to help you decide, we created Careers in Construction so you can explore what’s out there and what might fit your interests and lifestyle.

Who are “we?” We are BuildForce Canada.

  • We work with the construction industry to determine labour market needs and solutions.
  • So we know what major construction projects are being planned right across Canada for the next 10 years.
  • That’s how we know what trades will be in demand and when.
  • And that’s how we can help you pick a career that actually has jobs out there for you.

Already know that you’re interested in a construction career? Check out the more than 50 careers available to you – we even have a Career Finder to help you narrow down your choices.

Still checking out the industry? Here’s a good place to start: Why construction?

Now go explore the site! You just might find your dream career!

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