YOUR CAREER PATH IN THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY can lead you anywhere you want to go.
If you think that becoming a skilled tradesperson is a dead-end for your career, think again. You can climb far and high in the construction industry.
Click on the infographic to see where you can go.

Your skills are transferable

The skills you learn for one trade can often lead logically to another. For example:

Your experience as a skilled tradesperson can lead to other paths down the road (click on the links to see sample career paths):

Create your own path

A career in the construction industry can start at different points for different people. There's no one path for everyone, as you’ll see from these construction "insiders:"
Trevor Styan went from a dual-credit welding program to Entrepreneur of the Year and one of BC's Top 30 Under 30.
Stephen Hull started as a labourer right out of high school and now he's an electrical foreman in charge of entire teams.
Karma Hunter went from esthetician, hair dresser, bartender, apprentice, carpenter, construction supervisor, head foreman, safety officer, estimator and project manager to owning her own concrete company.
Marc Esposito started out in public relations before moving over to construction and now owns his own company doing renovations and building custom homes.

Whatever path you choose, you're sure to end up with a fulfilling and rewarding career, just like them.

Now check out the How to get started section for more info on how you can get into the industry.


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