DID YOU KNOW your military qualifications and experience could help ease you into a second career in construction?

Helmets to Hardhats helps veterans transition from military service into careers in the construction and related industries. Staffed by former military personnel who understand the challenges of military-to-civilian transition, the H2H program assists those in the Regular and Reserve Forces, as well as their spouses and dependent children from 18 to 25 years old.

You can choose from 60+ trades careers, and the transferable skills you gained in the military may reduce or allow you to completely bypass the apprenticeship training requirements.

If you already have the necessary qualifications and certification, H2H can help connect you with employers. Click here to check out their current job opportunities.

If you require training, H2H provides opportunities for full or partial apprenticeship training to achieve Journeyperson status.

Click here to learn how the Helmets to Hardhats program works.

Photo: Canadian Forces Combat Camera (Cpl Karen Neate, GD10-2019-0353-14).


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