ANOTHER PATH FOR GETTING INTO THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY IS through post-secondary training at colleges, technical institutes and universities.

While these programs won’t get you your journeyperson certification, you can gain valuable and useful skills for non-trades construction occupations, or as preparation for apprenticeship training.

Not to be confused with any apprenticeship programs they may offer, these other programs are construction-related technician and technology diploma and degree programs such as electrical engineering technology, building construction technician and powerline technician. Or they could be construction-related business management programs.

After completing the Sustainable Building and Design program at Fleming College, Flannery Bolger decided she wanted to become a contractor who specializes in remodeling homes for elderly and disabled people. She’s now working toward that goal, taking the Building Construction Technician program at Algonquin College. She also plans to get her Building Code License. Check out Flannery’s story.

Look into your local colleges, technical institutes or universities to see what construction-related programs they offer. Some associations and labour organizations also offer various types of training.

Check out the Career Paths section to see where you can go with post-secondary training.

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SAIT Polytechnic School of Construction
SAIT Polytechnic (Calgary) offers degree, diploma, certificate and apprenticeship programs in construction.