Company president

"I learn new things on each project and make challenges into opportunities. No two days are the same. ... But you have to be willing to learn."

Apprentice Electrician

“It’s a career, not a job. Follow your instincts and stick with it. The trades offer a lot of options.”

Apprentice Welder

“When I was in high school, I took a metals course that got me really interested in welding.”

Ironworker, Squamish Nation, BC

“It’s a good living. You get to travel, meet other people, and see other places and other cities ... and you can say you built that stadium or that bridge.”


“Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not for you. Never take no for an answer, when you know the answer should be yes.”

Building Construction Technician student

“More girls need to get into this. It’s hard and it feels great when you see what you can create. It’s not a gendered thing. It’s a capability thing.”

Apprentice Electrician

“Once you get a licence, a lot of things open up.”


“We need to get the word out that women can do these jobs. Awareness is important, because the greater the awareness, the more women we’ll see in the skilled trades.”

Apprentice Bricklayer

“I love being outside. I love building and creating things, so I started looking into the trades.”

Ironworker, Haida Cree, MB

“The more you push, the more you'll find that you’re not going to be discouraged. You can break through those barriers and you’re going to feel better about yourself.”

Ironworker, Six Nations of the Grand River, ON

“When you see the finished product … you have a sense of pride. If you have children you can take them there and say ‘I helped build that,’ and it makes you feel good."

Company owner

"If you’re going to work that hard and have to prove yourself, be passionate about whatever career you choose."

Apprentice Plumber

“It doesn’t matter what you look like, how old you are, or what trade you’re in. It’s a great career for women.”

Electrician, Welder

“If you want to succeed with an apprenticeship, show up early. Arrive at 6:55AM and be prepared to work. Do some research into what courses and equipment will be required.”

Service Electrician

“I love being part of creating something. That building will stand for years to come.”


“I’ve tried a lot of things, but I’ve always gone back to construction.”

Company owner

“There is a ton of opportunity out there in construction – especially if you're a skilled tradesperson with the theoretical knowledge behind you, because, simply put, there are certain things you can't outsource and swinging a hammer happens to be one of them – even better if you can swing a hammer and you know what you're talking about it.”


“You have to enjoy what you do. Only go into it if you think it’s something you’ll enjoy. That makes all the difference. Don’t do it just to be different.”

Stone and Brick Mason and President of the Grand Valley Construction Association (GVCA)

“Have a passion for it. Look forward to going to work every day. It’s not work, if you love what you do. And don’t settle for sameness.”

Electrical Foreman

"It’s not enough to just be in the trades. If you lack passion and drive, then you won’t make it. Your knowledge and experience will ensure your next job.”

Heavy Equipment Operator

“My father always told me when I was a labourer to keep my head up, pay attention and find a trade that I was interested in.”