APPRENTICESHIP IN THE TRADES IS SIMILAR TO the concept of co-op placement in the non-trades.

Apprenticeship is actually a pretty sweet way to learn. You spend about 20% of your time in school and the other 80% of your time on the job, getting paid, and being mentored by a pro – an experienced journeyperson – who can “show you the ropes.”

  • You gain coveted work experience
  • Learn the skills you need by actually practicing them in a work setting
  • Get paid while you’re doing it
  • And come out at the end as a certified tradesperson – assuming you pass your certification exam

Basically, you’re getting paid to learn. How sweet is that?!

While still in high school, you can test out a trade first to see if you like it through a Youth Apprenticeship Program.

There are even a number of grants available to help you with associated costs.

And, you have the opportunity to get in on the Skills Canada National Competition, where apprentices from across the country compete to see who’s top dog. Winners go on to compete internationally. It’s a pretty big deal. Check out the video below. Learn more about the Skills Canada competitions.

A Pre-Apprenticeship Program can help you to develop your job skills and trade readiness while you explore a trade.

Where to get more info on apprenticeships

The Careers in Trades website can answer your questions about apprenticeship and direct you to the apprenticeship office in your district where you can get started.

"I was so scared the first day. I didn’t know how to use the saw or the tools. I had no experience, and no idea, but everyone was really helpful and supportive. I was given a chance, and I love it."
Jenna Lipinski, apprentice Bricklayer

Red Seal certification allows you to practice your trade anywhere in Canada

Each province and territory sets its own standards for certifying skilled tradespeople, which means that certification in one jurisdiction may not allow you to work in others.

The Red Seal Program uses national standards and includes an Interprovincial Standards Examination that, upon passing, qualifies you for a Red Seal. The Red Seal allows you to practice your trade anywhere in Canada. So if you’ve got a hankering to see this big, beautiful country of ours, a Red Seal is your ticket.

Learn more about the Red Seal program. The website also has more information on financial support.

Explore the trades in the Career Finder and see if your preferred trade qualifies for Red Seal designation.

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