Ask yourself...

  • Do you like dealing with people?
  • Can you help people solve technical problems using specific products?
  • Do you possess a good technical understanding of construction products and/or services?
  • Are you comfortable calling on customers and potential customers? 

If the answer to these questions is yes, then a career as a Technical Salesperson/Supplier could be right for you.

Technical salespersons/suppliers sell a range of technical goods and services, such as construction products, materials and equipment to construction contractors, designers (architects and engineers) and the owners of construction projects.

They are employed by companies that produce or provide technical goods and services, such as industrial equipment manufacturing companies, computer services firms and engineering firms. In some cases they may be self-employed technical sales specialists/agents who contract their services to other companies.


Technical salespersons and suppliers perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Promote sales to existing clients
  • Identify and solicit potential clients
  • Assess clients’ needs and resources and recommend the appropriate goods or services
  • Provide input into product design where goods or services must be tailored to suit clients’ needs
  • Develop reports and proposals as part of sales presentations to illustrate benefits from use of good or service
  • Estimate costs of installing and maintaining equipment or service
  • Prepare and administer sales contracts
  • Consult with clients after sale to resolve problems and provide ongoing support
  • Troubleshoot technical problems related to equipment
  • May train customers’ staff in the operation and maintenance of equipment

Work Conditions

Depending on the purpose of the technical product or service, technical salespersons/suppliers visit clients in offices and/or on construction sites.

As with all careers in the construction industry, safety is the top priority. While on construction or other job sites, technical salespersons/suppliers must be aware of and comply with all relevant safety policy and procedures.

Training and Certification

The Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA) is a good source of information on courses and training providers for this occupation. The CPSA also awards the Certified Sales Professional (CSP) designation to technical salespersons and suppliers who meet their certification requirements. For more information, visit www.cpsa.com.

Comprehensive company training programs for technical sales specialists may be provided by employers.

Typical background requirements are:

  • A university degree or college diploma in a program related to the product or service
  • Experience in sales or in a technical occupation related to the product or service

Technical sales supervisors and/or managers require prior experience as a Technical Sales Specialist


Construction Industry Ethics
Construction Project Management
Working in a Respectful and Inclusive Workplace


Salary Gradient
Mid range
Salary Range ArrowHigh range
The wage range listed here is based on hourly rates multiplied by a 40-hour work week. Wages can vary depending on the contract, company, location and collective agreements (if applicable), as well as local and national economic conditions. Overtime is not included.

The “mid range” wage is based on the national “median” wage reported in the Job Bank career profile for this National Occupational Category (NOC): 6221

Note: Some career profiles may have more than one NOC code associated with them.

Wage data obtained from the Government of Canada’s Job Bank.