IMAGINE BEING ABLE TO SAY, I HELPED BUILD one of the most geometrically complex buildings in Canada!

Construction of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights was no easy feat. You might even consider it to be more of a sculpture than a building. But a building it is, and a spectacular one at that. More than 80% of its major walls are sloped at unusual angles, and no intersections are the same. It is so complex, that two-dimensional blueprints weren’t good enough – they had to use 3D modelling. The size of the building is equivalent to about four football fields and it is one of the most accessible buildings in the world. Among its many cool features are glowing LED-lit alabaster tile walkways and a unique circular theatre that uses 360-degree film technology – one of only a handful in the world. Check out the videos below.

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Check out the museum's Flickr page to see more photos during construction.

Photos courtesy of the Canadian Museum of Human Rights


Time-lapse Museum Construction
This time-lapse video shows the museum’s construction.
Architectural Tour
Check out this architectural tour of the museum.