The Hebron platform is towed to its final location.

The Hebron platform is towed to its final location.
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OFFSHORE DRILLING PLATFORMS CAN BE as tall as a skyscraper or as big as a sports stadium!

In addition to all the industrial areas required for drilling and pumping, most platforms have sleeping quarters, visitor accommodations, a heli-pad, restaurant, coffee house, cinema, gym and other recreational areas – like a mini world at sea.

Imagine building Newfoundland and Labrador’s Hebron platform. It needs to be able to withstand sea ice, icebergs and weather conditions that can sometimes be insane. Would you be up to the challenge? Throughout its construction, this $14 billion project created 3,500 construction jobs.

Does building a deep-sea facility like this excite you? Use the Career Finder to explore the construction careers that work in this sector and you could get into the action.

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