Photo courtesy of the Government of the Northwest Territories Department of Infrastructure

THE $299-MILLION INUVIK TO TUKTOYAKTUK HIGHWAY is history in the making.

It will, for the first time, connect Canada from coast to coast to coast and change the future of Canada’s North, bringing huge regional economic and social benefits to the people living in the Northwest Territories. This 137km all-weather, gravel-packed highway will be built on top of the frozen tundra and requires an estimated 5.8 million cubic metres of rock material to be moved from the quarry to the road site. Completed in 2017, the project created 1,000 jobs over its four-winter construction period. Check out the videos below.

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Construction updates

Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway makes the  Arctic Ocean accessible


Construction Night Crew
This is a fun epic take on the night crew working this project.
Construction Day Crew
Another fun video of the day crew.
Aerial View of the Highway Route
Check out the scale of this project from this aerial view of the road route.