REALITY CHECK: The sentiment that women don’t belong in the trades is an outdated stereotype.

With increasing retirements and a smaller pool of young people entering the skilled trades, women are a huge part of the construction industry’s future.

More and more, women are entering the trades and proving themselves to be capable, reliable and productive workers. The skilled trades require agility, endurance, balance and coordination – not a specific gender.

In today’s construction industry, men and women work as respected members of the same teams and earn the same rates. If you’re still skeptical, check out the video below of industry leaders talking about the value of women in the construction industry.

If you’re a woman considering a career in construction, check out the section on Opportunities for Women.

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“More girls need to get into this. It’s hard and it feels great when you see what you can create. It’s not a gendered thing. It’s a capability thing.”
Flannery Bolger, Building Construction Technician student